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Helping People of Short Stature

What is the Little People of Manitoba?

The Little People of Manitoba (LPM) is a non-profit organization dedicated to help people of short stature as well as parents with children of short stature within the province of Manitoba. 

LPM strives to support and create awareness to the prominent issues affecting people with dwarfism.

Although some types of dwarfism may have associated medical complications, most little people have a normal life span and normal intelligence. People with dwarfism achieve the same range of career paths as average size people.

Awareness Program:

In 2005, the Little People of Manitoba (LPM) created an Awareness Program to inform children, teens and parents of the experiences of being a little person. Many people may not have the opportunity to meet a little person, but may have many questions. Some people are not aware of the challenges a little person faces every day, such as ATM machines, bathrooms, high counters, vehicle standards, and the pressure of being unique. This is why the LPM Awareness Program was created. If you would like to have someone come and make a presentation please contact the Little People of Manitoba.

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